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Experience the 17th century Newar luxury in 300 years old monument and enjoy your comfortable stay.

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Hira Guest house is situated at Patan/Lalitpur which is amongst one of Kathmandu’s three royal cities. The local residents here are Newar people who have their own culture and language. There are 4 alleys around the community, ending with a ‘chowk’ means a backyard. One of those chowk is our beautifully inherited Hira Guest House which is today a home to many tourists for itsuntouched architect.

The other attraction of the building are its windows which is an ancient hand crafted beauty called Tik-jhya’. HGH is crafted from ancient mud walls and weathered bricks, stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of bygone eras. The Guest house has a common backyard which keeps you away from the pollution and crowds of the city and makes you feel relax.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore various local attractions within close proximity to their accommodation. Just a two-minute walk away, they can marvel at the beauty of the Golden Temple and immerse in the ambiance of Nagbahal. Within a five-minute walking distance there is Mangal Bazar, where they can wander through vibrant streets filled with bustling markets and authentic cultural experiences. Additionally, visitors can embark on an enlightening ancient city tour, to the rich history and heritage of the area, uncovering its hidden gems and architectural marvels along the way.

By embracing tradition, the visitors are not only preserving cultural heritage but also creating a sense of familiarity and comfort. Regardless of their background or where they come from, they can feel welcomed and valued when greeted with traditional hospitality.

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